System Mastery 208 – Mutant Chronicles

Mutant Chronicles S

This takes a while, but on the bright side we really find out some new fun and not so fun stuff about the game in the process. Good on ya for being patrons, you’re learning stuff no one else will. Unless they… read the game, I guess? Or just find someone else doing this. We can’t be the only ones.


7 responses to “System Mastery 208 – Mutant Chronicles

  1. There was also a CCG called doom troopers that was popular enough right at the time when I started playing TTRPGs that actually when I first heard of 40k I assumed it was the rip off to the cool and original mutant chronicles..

  2. There was also a SNES/Mega drive game.

    Regarding the confusing “Mutant” in the title. The so called franchise began with the game “Mutant”, a post apocalyptic game with actual mutants. However for the 1989 edition the game setting was changed to cyberpunk. Then they just added more space stuff on that and finally 40k inspired space demons.

  3. Alrighty.
    Loved the episode.
    There’s a 3rd Edition Mutant Chronicles out there, and it’s a different game.
    The setting is very 90ies, with killable chaos gods – it’s got a immense amount of weird lore our there, with the actual mutants being supposed saviors of mankind, seeded in the ancient metaplot times by the Precursor civilization…. Yeah.

    I want to run a game of DOOM + X Men + Noir and 40k trappings…. And less Mishima

    • And yeah. It had a movie with Ron Perlman and Thomas Jane.
      And there was two editions of the wargame called Warzone. The Swedes who did this were… Building from a very 90ies world view

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