2 responses to “In Theaters Now – Avengers: Endgame

  1. Hi, it’s me, the person you weren’t sure could exist who got off the MCU train just before Endgame! (More specifically I decided I was done after Infinity War, so there’s a couple other movies I didn’t watch in there too).

    I haven’t been watching them all at release, though, it was almost all in one big block. I watched Doctor Strange in theater before I’d seen really any of the other MCU movies–I’d seen Iron Man for a school thing and accidentally was in the same room as most of a screening of The Avengers. But I watched Strange voluntarily because I liked a lot of the ideas it was playing with, and to this day it’s probably my favorite Marvel movie, as well as Strange himself being the source one of one of the two scenes I really enjoyed in Infinity War (the other being the Reality Stone scene with the Guardians). I watched all of the MCU in basically a staggered marathon over 2018 because I figured it was something that would make sense for me to know, rather than it being a big weird gap.

    I checked out after Infinity War specifically because, after the snap at the end of what I thought was a really bad and messy movie with like two good scenes in it, it dawned on me that I didn’t actually care about almost any of the characters they wanted me to, or had survive the snap. I realized I was actually only in it for the weirdo movies in the MCU that had unusual visual or conceptual ideas, like Doctor Strange and parts of Guardians 2. And if I don’t give a damn about most of what they offer, I might as well just not watch most of those movies. Including Endgame, because you confirmed in this podcast that DAMN does Strange and his fun brand of weirdo nonsense (as well as most other brands of weirdo nonsense, unless you love those Ant-Man movies I guess) get shafted in favor of punch-em-ups focused on people I got bored of several movies ago.

    • I got off the train just because I don’t watch movies anymore because they’re expensive. Glad someone found artistic flaws in them.

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